Please read our troubleshooting for your product first.
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Troubleshooting for cameras, scanners, multimedia and accessories:

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Troubleshooting for tablet PCs and smartphones:

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Before sending your device to our service department please check the following steps:

1. Reset the device
(Push the reset or the power button for about 15 sec. – this depends on device, if necessary please check the manual.)

2. Make a factory data reset
Problems can be caused by the installation of 3rd party apps (from the Market / PlayStore or other sources)
ATTENTION! Factory data reset erases all data on the tablet (files and contents like music, movies, photos etc.)

3. Update the firmware
Detailed instructions and all necessary files for the firmware upgrade you can download
from the Download Area
ATTENTION! Updating the firmware erases all data on the tablet (files and contents like music, movies, photos etc.)

RECOMMENDED: Please do not use the tablet while the battery is charging.

4. In case that the steps mentioned above were not successful or if you have some questions please contact our support department by sending an email to To avoid unnecessary questions, please let us know the device type, serial number, build number of the firmware version ("Settings" -> "About tablet" -> "Build number") and please describe the problem as detailed as possible.


In case of complaints

Customer / end user is in charge of the inbound shipping costs to the easypix Service Center.
For devices repaired in the warranty period, easypix is paying for the freight costs back to the customer within (EU) european union members.

For returning a product please contact your local dealer/point of purchase.

Technical email support


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